• Wicker Hammock Stand
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• Gorgeous addition to any backyard setting
• Made of synthetic Wicker - Rattan material
• Fits with all spreader-bar and most non-spreader bar hammocks
• Durable steel construction
• Protective safety caps, feet included
• Supports up to 450 pounds
• 15 feet long


Add a touch of elegance to your hammock without breaking the bank with our majestic Wicker Hammock Stand.

Using this stand will add a dash of panache when you step out of the house and into your relaxation zone. The Wicker Hammock Stand is finely crafted from an all-weather synthetic wicker-rattan that lends elegance and durability. Wicker has been used for centuries to make a variety of products, such as furniture and baskets. It offers strength, style, and flexibility. Those factors are certainly applicable to this aesthetically appealing stand, which is attractive and strong enough to stand up the elements – from snowy winters to rainy springs to hot summers.

The versatile product is girded with galvanized steel hardware, weighs a sturdy 90 pounds, stretches 15 feet, and can hold a maximum of 450 pounds. That's ample strength to support most two-person units. There are protective coverings for the hammock's feet and caps on each end of the support, designed to help keep you safe. Best of all, this stand can be used for any type of hammock, those with the spreader bars and most without the spreader bars. You'll even be able to interchange them, depending on your desired use for the product or if you decide to move the stand to a different place. So, whether you've got a Mayan under the tree or a traditional Rope Hammock with a spreader bar, you'll have no problem putting this stand to good use.

Don't overlook this stand's strength, but take time to enjoy the little touches that make it a delight for the eyes.


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Synthetic Wicker, Galvanized Steel Hardware

1 Year

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Wicker Hammock Stand

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